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One of the most powerful elements of TryEngineering STEM Summer Camps is that students will experience life on a college campus. Fully immersed in a campus environment, students will explore unique aspects of their chosen campus’ facilities and features. Core curriculum includes aerospace engineering summer camps, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical engineering concepts and hands-on coursework.

Residence Halls

Students participating in the program will room in the residence halls; the same halls college students live in during the academic year. The dorms become home for students and there is no shortage of fun! Spending time with new friends, having roommates, watching movies, playing games, and doing sponsored and curated activities are just part of the experience. Perhaps the most transformational aspect of residence hall living is simply being a member of the new camp community that is created with the help and participation of the students.

Staff are there to guide and supervise every aspect of the experience, but students can also contribute to the fun. We will provide all of the things we want from a group perspective, like sporting equipment and board games, etc. We want all students to feel at home and we encourage them to share some of their own interests and skills with their peers. Some of the ways students can add to the STEM summer camps environment include bringing:

  • Instruments that can be carried into the room like a guitar, viola, or ukulele
  • Posters and other decorations for your dorm room
  • Board games or a deck of playing cards
  • Athletic gear like soccer or basketball shoes

Dining Halls

Eating in the dining hall is a central part of the college experience. Each campus has its own food service and style. Students can start each day of camp with a trip to the dining hall for breakfast. Menus will accommodate students with food allergies. Please let us know in advance if students have any food allergies or restrictions. Vegetarian options are also available at every meal. Eating together is an important way for our group to bond and to build friendships.

Sports and Recreation

Some camp venues include sports and recreation facilities on campus. These can include workout rooms and even swimming pools! Playing basketball or kicking soccer balls are opportunities to make friends and experience life on a college campus. Whether at the student center, recreation center or student union, each group will explore and experience what the host campus has to offer.

Engineering Labs and Technology Spaces

Some university venues may offer access to academic spaces such as classrooms, technology centers, and engineering labs. These facilities may provide opportunities to discover engineering tools, equipment, and technology. Students will get an inside look into the types of amazing resources and projects that will be available to them as future engineering students. Our program features a mix of STEM summer camps, aerospace engineering summer camps, electrical engineering summer camps, chemical engineering summer camps, mechanical engineering summer camps, and civil engineering summer camps.

Safety On Campus

Student safety is our primary concern.  Staff live in the residence halls to provide 24-hour supervision, and students do not go anywhere on campus without staff.  The point of the program is that the students create the community in which the entire program operates.  The intentions of this community, and the program as a whole, is safety first, fun second, and learning will occur in prodigious bounds!

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IEEE STEM summer camps

IEEE STEM summer camps

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2018 Program

Session 1:
July 1st – July 14th, 2018

Session 2:
July 15th – July 28th, 2018